Almost time for your Fall AC Maintenance

We are coming up on cooler days in Arizona which means it's time to do your Fall AC Maintenance. Just because we don't have those 110 days that your AC doesn't need to be serviced; in fact you need to be ready for the Winter and should get your filters updated and Furnace checked out for the colder weather ahead of us.

You do it self-Fall Maintenance

· Blow debris out of your outdoor condenser

· Make sure any vegetation is cut back

· Insulate any Exterior-Exposed pipes with foam pipe covers, wrapping them with tape

· Change your air filters

· Make sure your thermostat is turned up

Things your technician can do

· Clean and Clear drain lines

· Clean Coil from dust and dirt

· Check the refrigerant charge, belts and pulleys

· Clean and Check the entire system if you haven’t this year

Taking care your Air Conditioning Unit is a must in Arizona. It's good practice to get your AC Maintenance done in the Fall and Springtime that way you can avoid an AC Failure.

Make sure to schedule your maintenance today.

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